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Will I get accepted into UF?


I was watching this YouTube video of a girl that wanted to help other people get in UF like she did. As i was watching the video she said if you take dual enrollment classes and get your AA degree before you graduate you are basically guaranteed to get into UF because they signed some contract along with other colleges in Florida to do so. I’m currently a junior and next year I will be doing early admission (which is a form of dual enrollment only for seniors) and sadly i won’t get my AA by the time I graduate but at least I’ll have all my perquisites out of the way. So in a way I’ll be halfway done with getting my AA by the time I get into college. With that being said my question is am I still guaranteed to get into UF because I am almost at the point to get my AA or is it only a guarantee for people who finished all their courses and got the degree? I know this is more of a question for the college admission officers at UF and not really a question for Collegevine but anyone who might know the answer please feel free to let me know.


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UF doesn't have any guaranteed admission program for those that received their A.A. degree in high school. Doing dual enrollment helps but I don't think there's anything at Florida that's any different from other universities.

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there is very old information on UF's website about agreements they at least USED to have with FL community colleges here: but i don't know if this is still accurate or active, since this page is dated to 2009-2010. in any case, yes, you should contact UF's admissions office with this kind of question—they'll be able to give you a definitive answer.