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Does self-studying for AP exams look good on college applications?

Currently, my high school only offers 2 AP classes. I'm wondering if self-studying for AP exams looks good for colleges? (I'm only sending in my 4-5 scores on AP exams) I know that taking an AP exam isn't near as good as enrolling in an AP course.

I've read in multiple articles, that colleges measure students’ coursework and performance based on the curriculum offered and the grades earned. Not the AP exam scores.


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Hi @jennieeee! Great question! Since your high school only offers 2 AP classes, self-studying for AP exams is a great way to show college admissions officers that you are willing to challenge yourself. Your high school counselor will send in a form to colleges that details what classes were offered at your school, so if only 2 AP classes were offered at your school, your application will not be looked down upon because you didn't have the opportunity to take more AP classes.

Hope that helps!


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