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What school to apply when you lack EC?

What are good schools to apply to if you have great grades and high test scores, but lackluster extracurricular?


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4 years ago

For California, these are some schools that do not put a huge weight on Extracurriculars:

- Most, if not all, California State University Campuses

- this includes Cal Poly (although Cal Poly does put EC into consideration as part of the MCA formula)

- UC Merced if you are a CA resident in the top 9% of your high school

- ELC (Eligibility in Local Context) allows this school to be a good option with lackluster activities

In general most state schools should be great choices. Also note, you do not have to do anything unbelievable to get into college. Even with low tier activities, you can get into a pretty good college if you frame your experiences well in your essays and appear genuine in your effort.

4 years ago

Remeber they should have your major and the community should be to your liking but some great schools that care more about grades and test scores are U Iowa, Wichita St, Washington St, New Mexico St, South Florida/UCF^, UAB?, Temple, Purdue. Maine Ortono and Boston College are worth a look if you want to be in NE area but I am more familiar with Midwest schools.

^I think one of them does not really care but can not remember which one

I think UAB doesn't care except for some highly competitive programs but Im not sure

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