3 years ago
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Foster kids...

I am in foster care, my cps worker said i am award of the state, but does that also count for on-campus housing? Does it depend on the school what I can and can't do, being a foster kid?

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3 years ago

Hi @ashlee.fuller!

Are you talking about financial aid and how it relates to housing? In most cases a student going to college would be old enough to be a legal adult, so I'm not quite sure what you're asking. But I will answer the financial aid aspect, which should apply to you regardless.

As someone who's been in foster care, you will be eligible for financial aid money such as Pell Grants, which come from the federal (and sometimes state) government. The amount you can get varies depending on your circumstances and where you live, but these government programs should automatically apply as soon as you've filled out the FAFSA.

You will also be considered an "independent student" when filling out financial aid forms, which means the only income you have to report is your own. Since colleges give out financial aid to cover the gaps in each student's household income, you should qualify for a lot more aid by having a much smaller income.

The most important thing, then, is that you fill out the FAFSA when you apply to college. That way you can get all the money you qualify for. This may be enough to cover tuition and on-campus housing, but at most schools you will likely still need another payment source, such as student loans.

Beyond that, I can't think of any other ways that having been a ward of the state will limit you when applying to or attending college. Please let me know if you have any questions!

2 years ago[edited]

Thanks for clarifying, Ashlee. One of my friends is a foster kid, and he’s apprehensive about the college he wants to go to. He obviously has no money to pay for it, but he has the possibility to get a grant. However, he’s not sure whether this grant will cover housing since the school is in another state. I will show him your post, and hopefully, it will help him dig in the right direction.

It’s hard for foster kids to find their place in life, but I believe in him because he’s very bright and hardworking. I will try to help him as much as I can, and we might even go to the same college. I’m not sure about my choice yet, though.

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