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What if you get waitlisted when applying Early Decision?

Random question, I applied ED to a hard target. I know if I get rejected I can go on my merry way and continue applying to other schools, but what if I get waitlisted? What happens to the ED agreement if you're waitlisted? Is the agreement broken if you're waitlisted?


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a month ago

Yes, the agreement is broken if you are waitlisted, so you can continue applying to other schools. Hope this helps!

a month ago

@Melokenzie , more accurately, if you apply ED or EA or SCREA, you are either accepted, rejected or deferred. You are not Wait-listed.

If you apply RD, you are either accepted, rejected or Wait-listed.

The deferral is a more streamlined process of wait-listing because if you imagine the ED pool being a big pool of fish in the pond. The ones that get pick for admissions are admits, the once that are clearly not up to that colleges standard, get flat out rejected, and the deferrals or "close calls" simply swim into the larger pool of RD fish for a 2nd try. I think in being deferred is a much softer and better solution than being wait-listed because historically, very few applicants get off wait-lists whereas if you are deferred you get a fresh read on your application with a much less competitive pool.

I hope that makes sense.


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