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When do I apply for college housing??

Hii!!! My name is Arionna and i recently just finished submitting all of my college applications to ULL, Vanderblit, Rice, Tulane, and Southwestern in Georgetown. I got back a couple of days my acceptance admission to ULL and I am waiting on alll my other schools untill Feburary. I´'m super excited and have just started on applying for scholarships too, but one thing I am still confused on is when to apply for college housing. Since I want to wait and see all the places I get accepted to, do I wait untill after all of my possible appectance releases to apply or should I do it now for each school just in case because I understand rooms can fill up pretty quickly. Like ULL I've been accepted but I am not sure if I want to commit to that school yet. I get this is probably an answer for each schools admissions office, but I wanted to know if there was a general "go" about this or should I contact each school and ask what they require. Thank you for reading this, I would really appreciate some help and advice :)

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I wouldn't commit to any school until you get 100% of your decisions back. Only after you know where you want to attend would I then send in the deposit. After you do that, you can apply for housing.

Anyway, I don't think its technically possible to apply to housing without making a deposit. Or at least I've never heard of a college taking housing applications without any sort commitment to the school.

Just to be 100% certain, you should find out from ULL if you can apply for housing without making a deposit or a signing a commitment to attend the school.

Good luck.

a month ago

Hi @arionnat!

Housing applications always take place after a student has been accepted and is committed to a school (I've never heard of an exception). There are a lot of things you'll have to do once you've committed — sign up for classes, write to your advisor, etc. — and housing is just one of these things (note: the actual to-dos vary between each school).

Most first-year housing is assigned anyways, with the application being more like a roommate profile, so there is little chance you'll see any benefit reaching out early. My recommendation would be to relax: wait for your acceptances, and once you've made a decision, just follow the steps they give you.

Good luck!


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