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Are a ton of hobbies good in college applications?

I'm in 11th grade with a 4.3 uw GPA. My dream school is the University of Maryland College Park or the University of South Carolina Columbia. I have a TON of hobbies that I currently practice and still participate in. I don't participate in clubs at school but I do volunteer at my local church. I plan on majoring in Computer Science.

Should I focus more on my hobbies or actually join in on clubs?

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a month ago

I think if you have concrete results for your hobbies, colleges just want to see that you’re making the effort to expand your knowledge and develop skills. If you’ve only collected surface knowledge of a ton of different things, that may not look so great - I could be wrong but I think colleges also want to see commitment toward your extracurriculars and that you’re not just floundering about. I totally get it though; I’m into a bunch of different hobbies myself!

a month ago

I think both are important, but I also think you shouldn't worry too much about not being in clubs. You have a high GPA, you have community service hours, and your hobbies do show that you have a range of interests. I wouldn't stress too much about it because it sounds like you're doing well. I also think that you shouldn't join if you personally feel like you don't have enough time. I think keeping your high GPA will benefit you more than being in a few clubs.


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