2 years ago
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Does anyone know any CS extracurriculars?


I'm interested in good Computer Science and engineering extracurriculars for MIT. Also, do you have any recommended summer programs at MIT to do research in Comp. Sci?


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2 years ago

I dont anything about MIT comp sci programs but I can answer the EC parts

As long as you remember MIT is never a sure thing here are some Comp Sci/Engineering ECs

Comp Sci ECs

Program/Make an app

Make a blog about your favorite parts of Comp Sci

Get a certificate in different programming languages

Make a computer game

However, remember that elite schools want not just a spike Check out the youtube video by Afnan titled Erinn Andrews Standford Admission Officer Casestudy #6

Engineering ECs

Write a blog about favorite engineering things or other notable engineering events/inventions

Make a robot and compete at FIRST

Make different Bridges and examine them about structure etc especially true for civil engineering

(Can put on blog)

Also your ECs don't just have to be ENG/Comp Sci as in the video you are too specialized and may hurt admissions chance.

For my blog, I use google sites

Hope this helps!

2 years ago

For the summer program side of this, check out MIT's Lincoln Laboratory programs like LLCipher (https://www.ll.mit.edu/outreach/llcipher) and LLRISE (https://www.ll.mit.edu/outreach/llrise). I've had students do them in the past and they seemed like great experiences.


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