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What school should would set me up best to become a forensic psychologist?

I have a 3.93 gpa and have applied and been accepted by all:

Ferris State University

Central Michigan University

Eastern University

Alma University

Concordia University

Western State University

Wayne state

Michigan State University

Albion University

I’m still waiting on my application results from University of Cincinnati and University of Michigan, but I’m not sure which one will actually provide the best education to set me up for my career goals. I’m motivated to work hard even in tougher schools, but stressed that I’ll make the wrong decision.

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I really don't know if any of the 11 schools are in the top 10 list for Forensic Path. I've always heard the CUNY - NYC John Jay College is the best undergraduate program in the US. And Univ. of Denver, George Washington Univ is DC, and Florida Inst. of Technology were a close 2nd.




Did you research each of the 11 schools you applied to for Forensic Psychology majors specifically?

Since this is not a very popular major I would try to find someone who does this for a living and ask them what they think are the best schools. One of my HS friends is studying Forensic Science at American University in DC. Here is the link:


Personally I think it's incredibly important to go to school near where there are major crime units in America. Washington DC is the headquarters for the FBI and Langley VA, is where the CIA is located. The NSA is located at Fort Meade, Maryland. And NYC is clearly a major think tank location for people trying to solve crimes.

Good Luck

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Hi, thank you for asking your question! If you want to see if these schools are a good fit for you, I would suggest you look into the school list tool on our website. In the tool, you can select from a list of over 75 preferences for schools and generate a personalized school list that is a "good fit" for you. Some of the preferences include, major of interest, prestige, ranking, size of the school, geography, sports teams, etc. to name a few. I would really recommend checking this out.

You can potentially use these preferences schools that may not be the best for you. Additionally, there is nothing quite like visiting the school and getting to know its environment. Now days, many schools offer virtual and/or in-person tours again.


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