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Accidental SAT Score Sent In

Hello! So in April my school hosted an SAT, it was the first one I took, and it was still in a weird COVID time where I wasn't planning on taking it. At the end of the test, my school told us to enter the names of our top schools, not telling us that by doing this we are sending in our scores. I got a score that would not be accepted by those schools, what do I do? If I have yet applied can I still click test-optional? Should I ask them not to look at it?


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2 years ago[edited]

First I would log into your college board account and see what scores were sent to what schools. You can do this by seeing the order section of the SAT tests. If there is proof on the college board site that these test scores were in fact sent, then you really can not unsend them. If you need a link to that page on CollegeBoard that shows you where your SAT test score was sent, here it is. First you have to properly login other the links won't work.


And for anyone else reading this, who wants to know where their APs were sent:


If there is no record that your test scores were sent, then you don't have to do anything and you can apply test optional.

You can't tell a college to cancel a score or cancel a score report because they already have it is was sent. I think the deadline for that is 4 days after the original test was taken.

Good luck.

2 years ago

I would say this is fine. I asked my advisor this question and they like when they see improvement on scores.

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