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is my extracurricular strong enough?


I am from Bangladesh studying in high school at junior year. I am one of the top % students in my Class where there are almost 250 students in my batch. The grading system in my country is rated at a scale of 5, where i have achieved 5 out of 5 in my past exams and hope to do so in future. As extracurricular activities i like to do debating, poetry recitation, solo drama, singing, speech recitation, writting and painting. In the field of debating i have received the best speaker/debator in divisional level. for poetry recitation i have received awards at divisional level and participated in national levels. in solo acting i have represented my division at national level. speech and singing are things i have engaged only in school. i have received plenty of awards from my school in these fields. Writing is something i do for pleasure, sometimes i publish my writings in the school magazine. similarly i do painting solely in my home for my own relaxing.

my question is if can build strong profile in the fields of poetry recitation and debating, will these help in my admissions?

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Hi, thank you for asking your question! I would say that you are doing a phenomenal job so far! Congrats on your academic successes. When it comes to competitive schools in the US, they are looking for students who pursue extracurricular activities that are aligned with their major-of-interest. For example, if you are thinking of pursuing writing or poetry then it is wise to gain experience by doing writing and poetry-associated activities.

To make an extracurricular be higher tier and more impressive, I would think about 3 things. 1) The uniqueness of the activity (how rare is it for other students your age to do the same thing as you); 2) The honor/awards you have gained (how much recognition are you getting for your work and how impactful is it?); and 3) The time commitment (how many hours/week and weeks/year do you pursue your activity).

Here is a blog post to clarify and add more details that can help you out.

Hope this helps!

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Your EC's are above and beyond what you need. These are really strong EC's so don't worry about them. You can improve and make yourself look better but don't stress you are well on track.

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Yes, it is. In fact, you're already doing great. Colleges like to see you excelling in the extracurriculars you chose. Getting a leadership role or getting awards in regionals and nationals are a great way to show that you are excelling. You typically should choose one or two clubs to focus on and you chose poetry recitation and debate. If you continue to build a strong profile in those and get good grades, it will be very beneficial to your admissions.


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