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Should I include in-progress activities?




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a month ago

I think you should if your already have some long-term service progresses in your background so colleges will see that you will most likely complete the in-progress projects. In fact, you doing long-term projects will look extremely well on your applications. Colleges like to see people being committed to projects.

a month ago

Hi @TheObnoxiousBrother,

I agree with @UrielWis and would like to add some more insight.

I definitely think that you should include these projects in your application, especially if they are at a similarly large scale or larger scale in comparison to your existing projects. I would lump them together or only include one so that you don't have too many of these entries saturating your extracurricular list.

If you are worried about seeming insincere when you put them on your college apps, you can list an expected completion date that will give admissions officers a reference to when you plan to complete it. Though this is very unlikely, the admissions committee might reach out to you to check on your progress or ask follow-up questions about whether it was completed or not, or ask you to send in a writing supplement, in which case you can elaborate on this topic if you wish. However, these circumstances are extremely unlikely and your inclusion of a thorough timeline or expected completion date should be enough to carry the sentiment of your actions without looking disingenuous.

Hope this helps!


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