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Im stuck…

My semester is basically as my first out of two semesters for my junior year… This year has been really tough especially coming out of hybrid learning. I was an all A student and some Bs but this year it was my first year taking AP classes and i’m taking AP Bio which i did not expect to be so difficult. Well i studied but obviously i’m not studying right and my final grade in that class is a 75 :/ im really upset about this especially since all my grades are good except this and i tried so hard to do good. Would a C on my transcript for my junior year really decline my chances of getting in schools like NYU or BU? If i pushed super hard next semester and college admission officers see i have improved could it remedy the low C i received first semester? Please help as i’m very upset over this :(


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3 years ago

Hi @NikkiGagu,

It’s frustrating to deal with a sudden grade dip, and I definitely know what it feels like to get one poor score or semester grade and feel like your chances of getting into a top school are over.

We have some resources on our blog that I've linked below so that you can get some more context into next steps for this situation, but know that every application story is different and that you should never lose hope. Though you might need to adjust your expectations, you can still definitely apply to some top 20 schools as reaches, and use the other components of your application to supplement this occurrence.



https://blog.collegevine.com/get-into-college-with-low-gpa/ (I’m not saying your GPA is low, but there are some helpful contextual topics in here like the Academic Index that could be helpful to demystify the admissions process.)

Hope this helps and best of luck!

3 years ago[edited]

It's very difficult to get into top schools like NYU or BU with a C on your record. If there is a way to re-take the class or take a similar class over the summer at a community college and have your HS expunge or replace the old "C" grade with the new class/grade, then that would be the way to go.

I would recommend that you have a face to face meeting with your HS counselor and see what kinds of options you have to expunge that grade from your record.

There has to be some pro-active attempt on your part to prove to the college that this was an anomaly otherwise they will hold it against you. Not personally of course but keep in mind that these schools have low admit rates in the 13-18% range so there are plenty of straight A students with perfect 4.0 UWGPAS that get rejected.

Good luck.

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