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Indiana University petition essay to Kelley School of Business


I'm applying to Indiana University as a business major. As I didn't achieve the SAT score required to get into the Kelley School, I will ask for a petition, which is another way of getting into Kelley. https://kelley.iu.edu/programs/undergrad/admissions/future-freshman.html This site explains it all.

There are two essays that I'm supposed to do. One is about my achievements, and the other makes no sense. The prompt is "Please inform us of other circumstances we should be aware of as we consider your petition". For me, it seems like those optional essays that we should answer in case something happened or I wanted to share some additional information, but this essay is required and there is a limit of 250 words.

I don't know what I am supposed to write in this essay. Please, if anyone already did that, or knows what I have to do, help me!

Thanks anyway ;)


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The link you provide doesn't go to the page with the essay prompts. Where did you find this information. Can you provide the link to the essay prompts???

I see 1 question buried in the in FAQs - In your petition, you will be asked to answer one question: What has been your most significant achievement in the past three years? Please limit your response to 250 words. (So this says it's just 1 question not 2 questions)

Then above is another FAQ that says:

What can I include in the additional comments section of the petition?

You may include any information you feel the committee needs to know when reviewing your petition. Examples could include an injury or life event that affected your academic performance or mental well-being. The Additional Comments sections is not for an additional short answer topic or continuation of the short answer.

(What this is for is an opportunity for you to explain any good reason why you didn't meet the requirements for this program. As an example they have listed a physical injury which could have affected your school work, or mental illness that might have affect your ability to perform well in school or testing outside of school).

This would be no different than the Add'l Info section of the common app which is a space for applicants to explain the context of the data points in the application they are submitting. Applicants who have other family obligations like taking care of smaller siblings or having to work in the family pizza restaurant would use this space to give some "color" to why they might not have a lot of ECs or community service hours etc.

Does this make sense?

In the meantime if you can actually locate the 2nd question prompt and post the link, that would be helpful.

Good luck.


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