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What are some good extracurriculars for parks and recreation (park districts)/sports management?

I am a freshman student interested in either parks and recreation or sports management undergrad programs. I was wondering what would be good extracurriculars for either of these programs. I am not good at sports athletically, so playing wouldn't be an option. What are some good extracurriculars? Thank you!


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2 years ago

Anything related to business or management. Sports Management programs especially are basically more specialized business programs, so clubs like DECA or FBLA would be a good way to begin building up those skills. Likewise for more politics-oriented ECs like debate, Model UN, etc. Likewise, the majority of jobs in Parks & Rec are going to be organizational or management related—so business or politics experience would get you going in that direction.

2 years ago

So as someone who is not really interested in parks& Rex is recomend some sort of environmental club a love of camping and general nature related ECs however for super selective schools like Stanford I’d look at the video Casestudy #6 Erinn Andres former satnford admission

That kinda shows how too much an EC genre could hurt you at ivy level schools.

Also I recently saw a webinar for Univ of Montana they have a top5 forestry program and if you live in the Western part of US you can attend there pretty cheaply with WUE and they have decent Finicial Aid


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