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Where does collegevine get its notification dates?

It says that UChicago comes out on the 15th and MIT on the 20th? Are these predictions or do they know something I don't?

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a month ago

Here are the most current notification dates for top colleges.

Good luck.

Institution Notification Date(2021) Comments Notification Date (2020)

American University 12/31 Official 12/17 4pm ET

Amherst College 12/10 6:21pm ET Official (updated) 12/11 6:21pm ET

Babson College mid-Dec (ED1), 1/1 (EA) Official week of 12/14

Barnard College mid-Dec Official 12/14

Bates College 12/11 Official (updated) 12/12 12pm ET (ED1), 2/6 by 12pm ET (ED2)

Beloit College 12/1 (ED1), 12/2 (EA1) Official (updated) 12/1 (ED1), 12/1 (EA1)

Boston College 12/2 evening ET (ED1) Official (updated) 12/3 evening ET (ED1), 2/4 evening ET (ED2)

Boston University 12/15 Official 12/14 (ED1), 2/8 (ED2)

Bowdoin College 12/10 7pm ET Official (updated) 12/11 7pm ET

Brandeis University 12/9 Official (updated) 12/10 evening ET

Brown University mid-Dec Official 12/17 2pm ET

Bryn Mawr College 1/1 Official 12/17 (ED1), 2/1 (ED2)

Bucknell University mid-Dec Official 12/16 9pm ET

California Institute of Technology mid-Dec Official 12/12

Carleton College 12/9 Official (updated) 12/10 8pm CT

Carnegie Mellon University 12/11 Official (updated) 12/12

Case Western Reserve University 12/11 beginning 12pm ET (ED1), 12/21 (EA) Official (updated) 12/5 (ED1), 12/22 (EA1)

Chapman University late Dec (ED1), early Feb (EA1) Official 12/16 (ED1), 12/16 (EA1)

Claremont McKenna College 12/15 Official 12/15

Colby College 12/15 Official 12/11

Colgate University 12/13 7:13pm ET Official (updated) 12/10 7:13pm ET

College of the Holy Cross 12/15 Official 12/15

College of William and Mary 12/8 after 5pm ET Official (updated) 12/7 after 5pm ET

Colorado College 12/15 4pm MT (ED1), 12/20 4pm MT (EA) Official (updated) 12/11 (ED1), 12/16 (EA)

Columbia University 12/14 7pm ET Official (updated) 12/15 after 7pm ET

Connecticut College 12/10 7pm ET Official (updated) 12/11 evening ET (ED1), 2/12 evening ET (ED2)

Cornell University 12/13 7pm ET Official (updated) 12/17 7pm ET

Dartmouth College 12/10 5pm ET Official (updated) 12/16

Davidson College 12/15 Official (updated) 12/15 9pm ET (ED1), 1/30 (ED2)

Dickinson College mid-Dec Official 12/10 3pm ET

Duke University 12/16 7pm ET Official (updated) 12/18 7pm ET

Emerson College mid-Dec (ED1), mid-Dec (EA1) Official 12/15 (ED1), 12/15 (EA1)

Emory University (Emory) 12/15 Official 12/9 6pm ET (ED1), 2/3 6pm ET (ED2)

Emory University (Oxford) 12/15 Official 12/9 6pm ET (ED1), 2/3 6pm ET (ED2)

Franklin and Marshall 12/15 Official 12/15

George Washington University late Dec Official 12/17

Georgetown University 12/15 Official 12/15

Georgia Institute of Technology 12/11 noon ET (EA1) Official (updated) 12/4 5pm ET (EA1), 1/23 12pm ET (EA2)

Grinnell College mid-late Dec Official 12/4

Hamilton College 12/15 Official 12/15 evening ET (ED1), 2/5 evening ET (ED2)

Harvard University mid-Dec Official 12/17 7pm ET

Harvey Mudd College 12/13 6pm PT Official (updated) 12/11 6pm PT

Haverford College 12/10 Official (updated) 12/11 7pm ET

Johns Hopkins University 12/10 (ED1), 2/11 (ED2) Official (updated) 12/11

Kenyon College 12/10 Official (updated) 12/11 (ED1), 2/8 (ED2)

Lafayette College 12/15 4pm ET Official (updated) 12/14

Lehigh University mid-Dec Official 12/10

Loyola Marymount University 12/24 (ED1), mid-Dec (EA1) Official (updated) 11/25 (ED1), 1/8 (EA)

Macalester College 12/5 (ED1), 12/19 (EA1) Official 12/6 (ED1), 2/1 (ED2)

Middlebury College 12/11 Official (updated) 12/12 after 8am ET

Miami University - Oxford 12/1 (ED1), 12/15 (EA1) Official 12/1 (ED1), 12/15 (EA1)

MIT mid-Dec Official 12/19 3:14pm ET

Mount Holyoke College late Dec Official 12/16

New York University 12/15 Official (updated) 12/15 4pm ET (ED1), 2/16 (ED2)

North Carolina State 1/30 Official 1/30

Northeastern University 12/8 (ED1), 2/1 (EA1) Official (updated) 12/9 (ED1), 1/27 (EA1), 2/3 (ED2)

Northwestern University mid-Dec Official 12/18 3pm CT

Oberlin College 12/15 Official 12/12 afternoon ET

Occidental College 12/15 Official 12/11

Pitzer College 12/10 Official (updated) 12/11

Pomona College 12/15 Official 12/15 5pm PT

Princeton University mid-Dec Official

Providence College 12/1 (ED1), late Dec (EA1) Official 12/1 (ED1), 12/18 7pm ET (EA1)

Purdue University 1/15 Official 1/15

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 12/11 (ED1), 1/29 (EA1) Official 12/12 7pm ET (ED1), 1/30 (EA1)

Rice University 12/9 after 5pm CT Official (updated) 12/10 after 5pm CT

Saint Michaels College 12/5 (EA1) Official (updated) 12/7

Santa Clara University late Dec (ED1), late Dec (EA1) Official 12/15 (ED1, EA)

Sarah Lawrence College late Dec (ED1), late Dec (EA1) Official 12/12

Scripps College mid-Dec Official 12/15

Sewanee: The University of the South 12/10 eve CT (ED1), late Jan (EA1) Official (updated) 12/11 evening CT (ED), 1/20 7pm CT (EA)

Skidmore College 12/9 Official (updated) 12/16

Smith College mid-Dec Official 12/16 (ED1), 1/29 (ED2)

Southern Methodist University mid-Dec (ED1), mid-Dec (EA1) Official 12/18

Stanford University 12/15 Official 12/11 4pm PT

Swarthmore College mid-Dec Official 12/15 7pm ET

Texas Christian University 12/3 (ED1), 1/1 (EA1) Official (updated) 12/4 (ED1), 12/11 (EA1)

Trinity College mid-Dec Official 12/10 evening ET

Tufts University 12/14 7pm ET Official (updated) 12/15 7pm ET

Tulane University 11/22 4pm CT (ED1), 1/15 (EA1) Official (updated) 11/18 3:30pm CT (ED), 12/17 3:30pm CT (EA), 1/19 3:30pm CT (ED2)

Union College 12/7 (ED1), 12/18 (EA1) Official 12/1 (ED1), 12/16 7pm ET (EA1)

University of Chicago 12/17 (ED1), 12/17 (EA1) Official (updated) 12/21 afternoon CT (ED1), 2/12 (ED2)

University of Georgia 11/19 late afternoon ET Official (updated) 11/20

University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign mid-Feb Official mid-February

University of Massachusetts - Amherst began 12/7 (additional waves through January) Official (updated) 12/10 (first batch)

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor late Jan Official late January

University of Notre Dame mid-Dec Official 12/16 6:42pm ET

University of Pennsylvania mid-Dec Official 12/16 7pm ET

University of Richmond 12/15 (ED1), 1/25 (EA1) Official 12/11 (ED1), 1/25 (EA1)

University of Vermont late Dec Official 12/17 5pm ET

University of Virginia 12/10 eve ET (ED1), mid-Feb (EA1) Official (updated) 12/11 evening ET (ED), mid-February (EA)

Vanderbilt University mid-Dec Official 12/15 after 5pm CT

Vassar College 12/10 Official (updated) 12/8 close of business ET

Villanova University 12/15 by 5pm ET (ED1), 1/15 (EA1) Official (updated) 12/15 after 5pm ET, 1/29 4:30pm ET (EA), 3/1 4:30pm ET (EDII)

Virginia Polytechnic Institute 12/10 5pm ET (ED1), late Feb (EA1) Official (updated) 12/11 (ED1), 2/28 (EA1)

Washington and Lee University late Dec Official 12/16 8pm ET

Washington University in St. Louis 12/9 5pm CT Official (updated) 12/14

Wellesley College 12/11 10am ET Official (updated) 12/12

Wesleyan University 12/11 Official (updated) 12/12

Whitman College 12/10 Official (updated) mid-December

Willamette University 12/30 (ED1), 12/30 (EA1) Official 12/11 (ED1), 12/11 (EA1)

Williams College 12/15 Official 12/11 evening ET

Worcester Polytechnic Institute 12/15 (ED1), 1/15 (EA1) Official 12/14 5pm ET (ED1)(EA1)

Yale University 12/15 evening ET Official (updated) 12/16 5pm ET

a month ago

From what I could find on the Internet, UChicago is December 21 (both ED and EA) and MIT is "Mid December". I find that the most trusted sources for these kinds of things are the college websites themselves. College Vine may not have updated these dates from last year. Hope that helps :)


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