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Concentrating extracurriculars


So I do a ton of extracurriculars, but they're all very random in comparison to each other. My major extracurriculars are as follows:

Debate - I placed 3rd at nationals

Sailing - Competing on a national level

Founder of a nonprofit that has raised over 500k

Hockey - On a highly competitive travelling team

Piano - Level 10 RCM - do piano competitions

I was wondering what I should do as I've heard that colleges prefer people whose extracurriculars are all focused on one thing, which mine are not. Do I drop my extracurriculars? Do I only put a few on my application?

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@TheObnoxiousBrother2 years ago [edited]

What is your major? Where are you applying?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@jamisonLandley2 years ago

I'm only in grade 9 so I haven't really chosen any yet but I'm hoping to go into neuroscience major

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2 years ago

If you are only remarkable at 1 or 2 things, then sometimes it's best to hone that spike and present yourself in your best light in those 1 or 2 dimensions. I don't think that applies to you because you are spiky all over like Sea Urchin. Colleges will be impressed with all your accomplishments and both in depth and breadth, so don't leave anything out.

It would be helpful if you can add a few that have to do with your personal character development as well.

2 years ago

I think that as long as all of the extracurriculars represent you. If you are a very focused and ambitious person, with one set goal, try to portray that with multiple extracurriculars that lead towards that. If you are a curious and excited person who loves many things, show that. Both options are great, but the depend on the person! Also, do what you love, if you are a self-possessed person who knows what they want, college applications and life will be much easier!

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