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05/26/2020 at 10:51PM
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Should I take AP Lang even though I do not enjoy English?

I am going to be a sophomore next year and I have always gotten A's in English, and this year I got an A in Honors English 1. I get good grades but I do not enjoy English as a subject. Should I take AP Lang junior year despite the fact that I do not like reading or grammar. I actually enjoy writing though.


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05/27/2020 at 03:39AM

Yes, do take it! As previous responses have noted, a lot of people may not like English (me included) and still take AP lang. Just letting you know, if you do enjoy writing, the AP test is primarily writing, consisting of 1 multiple choice section and 3 writing sections.

On another note, many top colleges like to see that you've taken the most rigorous courses offered at your school. If they see that you didn't take AP lang when it was offered, it may lessen the strength of your application a little bit (perhaps not by much, but I would say that any advantage you get would help)

05/27/2020 at 12:45AM

You should take it if you feel like you can do well. Liking writing will help you a lot when you take the class. The AP class isn't really focused on grammar because you should get most of that your first two years. I don't think many people enjoy English as a subject, even humanities people don't. From my experience in the class it's worth it and it helps you become a better writer which is always a good thing.

05/27/2020 at 09:54PM

I would say it frankly depends on what colleges you are aiming for. In some cases, you might want to show top-ranking colleges that you're capable. However, in an ideal world, you should only take an AP class if you're both interested in the subject AND confident that you can commit to that level of work.

Your enjoyment for writing and your skill in class might outweigh the workload and potential stress. In that case, I would say go for it, especially if you're aiming to show colleges that you can challenge yourself. However, if you don't really feel like the class would be engaging for you, it might not be a great idea to take an AP class -- consider sticking with Honors and instead looking for AP courses with subject matter that you would be more interested in.

05/27/2020 at 01:16AM

If you do well and can tolerate it Id recommend it especially if you want to attend a big public university and like smaller class sizes that’s one less lecture class you have to attend. But if you despise it and are just a good student I’d say yes however from schools with sub 30% admit rate they will like AP classes so choose a good balance.

Hope this helps!


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