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National Merit Commended Scholar?

So I just got my PSAT/NMSQT score back, and it was a 1440 with a selection index of 216, which is just a few points below the predicted cutoff for my state. Does anyone know anything about the National Merit Commended Scholars? If so, what is it? Thanks so much! :)


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a month ago

Congratulations that is a great score for the PSAT. The big take away for you is that, you are on your way to scoring well on the SAT when you take that. So getting a 1500-1520+ is certainly within your reach. And depending how effectively you prep for the SAT, you may achieve a higher 99% percentile score. While that alone is not enough to gain admission into top 20 schools, it is a great data point you can add to your Common App, that shows evidence of your potential to succeed as a college student.

You will not get a scholarship for your PSAT score, but I'm sure you will be getting a lot of marketing collateral from top schools as they use high PSAT score as a filtering mechanism to generate college lists for them. They buy the 1000s of names of HS students for .47 cents a name from college board directly.

Its a great achievement to get a high PSAT score, but you can't really monetize this into $$$. Nevertheless, it should give you confidence going into the SAT testing season and with some tweaking and focused prep, you will get to your target score whatever that is.

Good Luck.

a month ago

Yes, they are a group that gives scholarships to people who make it. You have to pay 75 dollars to join if you are invited but I didn't think it was worth it.


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