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Don't get fooled by low EA admit rates for some schools like Tulane!

This article appeared in my feed today and I was taken a back that Tulane's EA admit rate has dropped to 10%. That is 2 to 3 times lower than last year early rates at school like Williams, Amherst, NotreDame, Emory, Dartmouth, BU, BC, UNC, UVA, Vanderbilt. So what's going on? I think this clearly shows to me that the admissions office at any Private College can use ED to fill 60% of their Freshman class, immediately boosting their yield rate because 100% of ED applicants will attend the school. So even if RD and EA admits only have a yield rate of 30%, their overall yield still look good. So lets say 1200 were admitted ED and 60% of the Freshman class was filled, that means that Tulane only need to fill 800 seats for EA and RD. So lets say they get 2000 apps for EA and only accept 10% or 200. Then the only need 600 for RD. But if they get 40000 applications like last year, they only need to accept 2000 at 30% yield for RD. This pushes their RD acceptance rate down to 5%. On par with Ivys and Elite colleges. But is #42 ranked Tulane with a sub 10% (prolly 8-9% this year) admit rate as good as JHU, RICE, CMU and the other schools I mentioned. I don't think so. While it's a good school, I think its on par with Syracuse U. which has a 50% admit rate.


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