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Do Colleges account for disabilities when considering GPA

I have a good enough Gpa to have mostly A's and B+'s but some B. It's really hard to work on tests which is my kryptonite because I have a severe case of ADHD, homework and school assignments are good but can't raise my grade well enough to make my GPA where I need it to be. I am curious if colleges will account for something like this and what they'd do.

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I'm 100% that some schools do consider your learning disability while others do not. Unless the college has support resources and wants ADHD HS students to apply, I would err on the side of saying that you should NOT expect them to give you a break because of your disability when it comes to your academic transcript.

I found various articles which had top choices for colleges for ADHD students so perhaps give it a once over and see if any of the schools pique your interest. It seems like Marist, American, UC Irvine, UNC, ASU, NorthEastern, UConn, and Hofstra all do a good job of accommodating ADHD students.




Some college charge a supplemental fee but in general I think the large state programs like UCI and UNC. These add'l fees can vary from $2000 to $20000 in addition to tuition so I recommend that you research the schools you wish to apply to make your college experience the best possible for you.

Good luck.

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