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When should I take my first virtual tour?

Sophomore and can't travel to any campuses. Really want to start getting a sense of schools

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@haleyg27a month ago

I’m also a sophomore but graduating as a junior. I understand how frustrating this is. Id say start going on virtual tours and admissions presentations when possible because college is a big expense and you want to at least try to make what you think will be the right choice come acceptance letters and applying.

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a month ago

Where ever your free really, just give yourself time to attend many, especially if you can't go in person. With covid still schools are hosting tons of events via zoom so I would take advantage of those. It's currently decision week for lots of schools so I don't think you will find many right right now (at least from my experience. The schools I'm applying are currently promoting what to do after your admitted webinars). I personally started attending college webinars (essay writing, tours, info sessions, etc.) the Summer of junior year when all the schools I'm interested in were hosting tons of events.


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