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How would my AP situation be at Univs

So at all of the schools I’m looking at Public schools that have generally 7k+ undergrad enrollment and is top 200ish. I will have 18+ credit assuming I get mostly 4 and I believe I’m capable of getting 5s. However just around half of my AP credit will be in History as I love history but I want to be an engineer or computer scientist. What/How would my my Gen Ed requirements in 1st year look like or can anyone provide links to information? And would I be ontrack to skip a semester in which my free semester would be dedicated to a minor?

The test I anticipate I’ll take


World History

US History

US Comparitive Gov

Environmental Science


Possibly English Lit & Composition or Language& Comp haven’t decided if I’ll take one of these.

All of the schools I looked at either award 3-4 credits for each but mostly 3


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4 years ago

Gen Ed differ at EVERY single college. Not to mention, which AP courses are accepted at every college also differs. Do a bit of research specifically into each college you are looking at. Look up or find their gen ed requirements, what AP classes fulfill that requirement, and also what AP courses are accepted at each school. If you want to skip a semester and dedicate it to a minor, then you would want to make sure that your AP credits transfer.

I would take English Lit and English Comp (but again, it does depend on what the schools you are looking at accepts). Regardless of the major, I think the the skills in analyzing writing and writing essays are needed in everyday life.

Does your school offer AP Computer Science of any sort? Taking that may demonstrate your interest in the major and get you started with what you need to know for your major. It sure would be a lot more helpful than the history APs

4 years ago

@Wonton's right, this is going to differ at each college and there is no universal answer I can give you, not even for a certain size of public school in a given region. They're all independent from each other and therefore have their own policies.

My guess is that your credits for World History, US History, Comparative Gov, and Macroeconomics may end up being redundant with each other in some cases (I doubt you'll be required to take 4 history/social science courses as Gen Eds), while Stats, APES, and Lit/Lang will be usable since they're fairly spread out. But I can't say that with any certainty without knowing the schools and seeing their individual policies towards AP credits. Most semesters are 4-5 classes, so you would potentially be on track to skip one (or dedicate it to something outside your major, which is a different thing—"skip" usually means to graduate early) if all of these credits were to count.

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