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What reach should I apply to?


Male , Black/African, Texas , Private ( < 200 class size), and hooks (URM, First in Family to apply to schools in US)


35k for 5 people

Intended Major(s):

Comp Sci/Business/Chemical Engineering/Environmental Science

ACT/SAT/SAT II: Test Optional

UW/W GPA and Rank: 3.89 basically a 3.9 my school doesn't rank


(Took AP classes but never tests because they were too expensive for my family)

AP World

AP Physics 1

AP Psychology

AP Biology (No AP Chem)

AP Statistics

AP Calc AB (highest level of math at school)

AP English IV

AP Macro

DC English III

DC History III

(Geometry, Alg 2, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Pre Calc, US History) Honors


ABRSM Violin Awards, Orchestra State Championships, Questbridge National College Match Finalist



Primary Author of Submitted Research Paper on how populations can increase lifespan

Secondary Author on Research with college professor on Public Policy

Non-Submitted Research Internship with Local College Professor on Real Estate

Climate Change Activist

Mu Alpha Theta Club


Podcast on Music and Business

Financial Independence and Math Tutor

Open Resource Website on Financial Independence

Power Washing Business

Working on Clothing Line rn

Self Taught Python Java, Javascript, C++ (Soph-Present)



AP Biology Teacher 10/10

AP English Teacher 8/10

AP Calc Teacher 6.5/10

Counselor 9/10

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3 years ago

If you are already a Questbridge National Match Finalist, then those 45 partner schools that work with Questbridge are your best bet. The only addition I would suggest is applying to Harvard University since they will give you preferential treatment for being a Black Male applicant.

For the most part, except Harvard, Cornell, JHU, you can just apply RD with your Questbridge application, the rest you can do on the Common App.

Curious, what kind of answer are you looking for if you have already invested all this time and effort in the Questbridge process? The only other colleges that may be a good fit are HBCs like Spelman, Howard, Morehouse, Xavier and Hampton.

Good luck.

3 years ago

Woah! you got a lot of stuff going on there!

To answer the question, you should use the chancing simulator Collegevine offers to know what reach schools are available to you and other info you might want to see.

BTW your question doesn't follow the community guidelines so chances are your question will most likely be taken down soon.

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