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SAT registration


I am in 12th (India) and haven’t taken the SAT yet. College board said that they will open registrations on 26th of May. However, it’s 27th (afternoon) and yet not able to register. In the ‘choose test date section’ they quote: Please fill out every question etc; there are no test dates available for the current test year. I know there are a lot of people willing to take the SAT but the seats just can’t fill up in 3 hrs right? Please help me if I am doing something incorrectly. Or coordinate if you face the same. I think College Board has not yet uploaded the schedule....


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It opens the 28th in the US, and I would think the same internationally.

Ok I’ll check and coordinate
Please convey if you manage to register:)
Just got an update it will be sometime this evening. I'm honestly still trying to figure out which test won't be the worst curve now.
Oh ok....btw it’s 28 May, 9:30 pm here...and still can’t register. They have IST schedules for Indians, so kind of nervousness is kicking in. I am in 12th with NO SAT SCORE 😭😭