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What AP\IB courses can I take in SS2 at a Nigerian secondary school.

Hi, I'm a teenage girl in SS2. I hope to study at Harvard university someday and at the moment my chances of getting in are pretty low (4% to be precise... Lol). So I'm trying to find some AP\IB classes I can take to improve my chances.

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13 days ago

You should try reposting this question again; maybe more people will see it if you reposted it again. Also, consider joining another community that could answer this question better. Maybe look for a community of international students, the community doesn't have to be on this website. If it helps, I would recommend maybe doing more extracurricular online if you have the opportunity, this is a link of extracurriculars you can do at home https://blog.collegevine.com/extracurriculars-you-can-do-at-home/

I would also take advantage of programs during your summer break. This is a link


I've heard certain programs may even take you on an airplane to certain places for free with financial aid, but there prestigious, so try looking for programs in areas you are very talented in. Don't just look for summer ones though, you could look for programs that go all year. So also research for programs that allow you to participate in things you are interested in or are talented in. I don't know anything about classes you could take though. If you need more you would need to ask someone else.


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