3 years ago
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How would certification affect my admission chances

I'm A+ Certified, which is a competitive technical certification for fixing phones, computers and being an electronics technician. How would this affect my admissions, and should I include it?

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@matchagal3 years ago

If you are applying as a STEM major, including this certification can only help you. It shows that you have a genuine interest and prior experience with electronics. If you're not applying as STEM, it will still help you because it shows that you have determination and are a hard worker. Anyone can say that they enjoy playing around with electronics, but going through the process of becoming certified is certainly a special and unique achivement worth highlighting!

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3 years ago

Absolutely include it on your application!!

Certifications when you are a student show that you have an interest and a skillset that is above the average highschooler. They show that you are a carrer-oriented person who is ready to get things done, which means colleges can have confidence you'll make their post graduation employment rates look good.

Also, certifications are a measure of higher education, they're like mini degrees (albiet more specialized). Just like college they take studying and commitment. By having a certification you show college you are well prepared for the things involved with obtaining a degree, and that you are capable of reaching your end goals.

A competitive certificate is even better, that is a very noteworthy achievement. If you are going into a STEM field it's even better as the CS/technical/engineering experience paints your prospects in the field in a very good light.

Congrats on your certification! Good luck with your college admissions!

3 years ago

Hi, thank you for asking your question! Absolutely you should include this in your application! College admissions officers will appreciate that you take time and dedicate yourself to activities you are passionate about. Bonus points go to you if you can align your profile with your major of interest -- meaning the classes you take, activities you pursue and essays you write center on themes and ideas that reflect what your goals are to achieve in college and your future career.

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