2 years ago
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Do colleges let you know before the decision notification date if your application is incomplete?

I applied for fin aid but submitted one of documents under the wrong name so it's still showing as "awaiting" on my checklist... I'd asked my parents and they told me to do nothing, and with decisions coming out in the next few days I don't want to email admissions at this point. Will my application be marked as incomplete or will I just not get fin aid?


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2 years ago

Honestly, doing nothing is the worst thing you can do.

I don't know why your parents would say that unless they are independently wealthy and don't care if you get financial aid or not. If you feel you need financial aid, then I would immediately contact the college and tell them that you filed one of the documents under the wrong name and therefore it's showing up "awaiting", ask them if you can expedite this directly to them or if you have to use the IDOC systems on CSS Profile.

If you do nothing, you risk not getting financial aid with your offer letter if you are accepted. Colleges do not accept you and then wait another few weeks to get all the financial documents and decide how much to award you or not. It's all done in a very orchestrated tight scheduling method so that on decision day you know whether you have aid or whether aid is forthcoming.

Don't wait.

Good luck.

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