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Can I do 3 pages for the Princeton Paper?

I'm having some difficulty understanding what to submit for the Princeton paper requirement. The website states that "1-2 pages is sufficient". I don't know if that means I'm not supposed to submit anything longer than 2 pages. I have this really good 3-page paper from 11th grade English with a rubric, comments, and everything. Can I submit that?


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a month ago

Princeton application readers like all Ivy readers probably only spend about 10 minutes per file, so if you submit something like 10 pages, they will just skim it over and pay more attention to the grade and remarks. Submitting 3 pages seems like a very manageable length since you stated it has comments, a scoring rubric and grade as well. I wouldn't worry about 3 pages. 10 pages or more, perhaps not the best way to go.

Good luck.


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