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Applying test optional to Vassar/more colleges: Yes or no?

While everything in my profile aligns with both colleges’ requirements except for my sat score (1280) I am hearing of mixed reviews about going test-optional. I’m applying EDII for Vassar and am wondering if I should submit or not because personally, I think it’d hurt my application and so does my teacher, but my counselor says otherwise. Any advice?

other stats:

-unweighted: 4.04; weighted 4.33

-5 aps including 3 senior year, 3 honors classes including one senior year, 1 dual enrollment class taken, 3 currently taking and planning to apply to another in the spring

-2 leadership positions

-New York, US Permanent Resident

-ranked #93 out of 367 (top 25%) of class

-my school sat score average is a 1210

-high honor roll streak since beginning freshman year, national language honors society

-Planning on majoring in bio on a pre-med track

Schools I am applying to:

Vassar, URichmond,Boston University, Case Western, Colgate, Penn State, Skidmore, Binghamton,Trinity, Umaryland, UConn, UBuffalo

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My recommendation for you is to apply test optional to Vassar.

2 cycles ago their middle 50% percentile was 1380/1490.

Only 0.26% for the Class of 2024 got in with composite less than 1200. Since you are closer to the 1200 than the 25% percentile of 1380, submitting a low 1280 will put you near the bottom of possible admits.

From your school list I would apply test optional to Vassar, URichmond, BU, UMD Colgate and Trinity (only because Trinity has been traditionally test optional)

Good luck.


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