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Accidentally sent low SAT score after I applied test optional!

I did one of the worst mistakes ever by accidentally sending my low SAT score to NYU after i applied test-optional on the common app application. I stated in the application that i didn’t want to submit any scores neither wished to. After i received my scores i noticed that i listed NYU to receive them, the thing is that i can’t really do anything about it because you can’t cancel SAT scores after you receive them. Is there something I can do? Will they still see the scores even if I applied test-optional in the application? This is driving me crazy and i think it will hurt my chances more, so please any help would be appreciated!

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@saakshithesinger3 years ago

I think you should also send them/upload the higher SAT score since colleges will usually accept 2-3 max scores. If you have another and if you are able to, send the higher one in so they know your progress and how you have improved upon your score. Sending a lower score won't necessary hurt your chances if you have applied test optional (I'm not sure if NYU is test blind) but sending in the higher score might make you yourself feel a little more comfortable.

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3 years ago[edited]

If you have higher SAT scores, just log into CollegeBoard and send them the higher scores or the whole pack again with the superscore. They will get it within 24 hours of the order so you should be okay.

But you're correct in stating that you can't instruct them not to look at the scores or cancel the order. The only thing you can cancel on CollegeBoard is cancel the test either the day of the test or within a few days of the test.

Good luck.

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