2 years ago
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Got deffered from Harvard

Hi!Today I have got Harvard University admission decision.I got deffered from Harvard University.What should I do now?Can somebody please tell me?I have applied as a test optional.I become hopeless😔


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2 years ago

First, let me say that deferred is pretty good considering how many people were outright rejected.

With regards specifically to Harvard, I would suggest that you write a good letter of continued interest and ask for an interview if you haven't been interviewed already.

I'm sure you thought about why you weren't accepted but the truth is that only about 7.87% got accepted this year 740/9406 vs 7.37% last year. If you consider a 85% yield rate then, 629 will matriculate. I think they will only make room for 1850 total since there are fewer in the Class of '26 that took a previous gap year last year. That leaves about 1221 spots. Based on fewer SCREA applicants, I think there are 44150 left to review for RD, and they will accept about 1450 max for RD, for an RD admit rate of 3.2%

I'm sharing this because there isn't much you can do to your application to change the odds.

As a matter of practicality, I think most people would suggest that you refine your RD college list and make sure you have at least 2 schools that you'd like to attend on that list where you can actually see yourself being happy and thriving.

Since about 40% of Harvard's matriculation is from ALDCs applicants, I think it's important to have a good plan B or plan C.

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