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Would going on a foreign exchange hurt my chances for getting into ivys or help?

I am currently a Junior right who applied for a foreign exchange program last year (sophomore) with the promised results of going my junior year. My family and I were super excited that I got accepted into the program and felt that this was a once-in-a-lifetime chance for me to go to another school for a whole year and live with host families etc. However (ofc) because of covid it got pushed back another year, now to my senior year.

Because of this though, my mom suggested for me to not even go because she felt that my grades were dropping a bit and felt that I should focus more on applying to colleges than going to a foreign country for a whole year. My dad, on the other hand, says that I should still go because of the great experience and hot it will make me stand out.

I have been stuck in between this decision for a long time and haven't been able to get the answers that I want. I also have asked multiple people around me and all are mixed with "you should go, it would make you stand out" or "how will you be able to apply to colleges and keep your grade up? You should not go". My idea was to reach out to any college admission officers and ask them what they thought of the situation, but I don't know any.

Lastly, another option would be if I cannot go next year, to maybe take a Gap year to go on the foreign exchange but I am not a huge fan of that idea and I don't know what my parents would think too.

My dream college is Stanford or Yale but I am happy to go to any of the ivys :) Thank you to anyone who would be able to provide me some direction.

Here is some background information:

-Current GPA is around a 4.0 but lately, I have been getting just A's or A-'s not as much as A+'s

-My small public school with about 90 kids per grade only offers 7 AP's and I take 2 of them right now

-I haven't taken the SAT or ACT yet but I will soon (goal - 1530)

-Biracial, white & Chinese

-took some extra classes online just to get ahead of the flow

- income of <30,000 annual however I will probably apply without financial aid

-intend to have a major of Biomedical or sciences of some sort/Buissness/marketing


-President of Class

-Researched and did an Internship at Cornell

-Founder of Multicultural Club

-Flute/All-County & All-State solo and County Chamber Orchestra

-Treasurer of National Honors Society

-Captain of the Girls Swim

-Doing a research paper with my dad

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So what country is this exchange program in and what kind of High school would you be attending in this host country? Please give me some context as to the highlighted benefits of going away for a year living with a host family abroad. If we still have problems with COVID-19, are you going to be putting yourself at a health risk for going? How will you be able to take your APs or IBs in your host country? How about taking your SAT and ACT? Do they have operational test centers where you are going? How about ECs in the host country?



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