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Do I need to take AP's?

I'm a junior who has just completed the Cambridge IGCSE program in 6 different subjects. I will be doing the AS Level program this year, followed by the A Level program during my senior year. In addition to the standardised tests (SAT and ACT), which I'll be taking along with two SAT Subject Tests, will I have to write AP's in order to be considered by Ivy League schools and other competitive colleges?


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2 years ago

I assume you're coming from the British system? No, in general those colleges will judge you based on the system you're coming out of—so instead of your level of APs being compared to your classmates', your A levels would be compared to other applicants coming out of a similar system. The best rule of thumb is to take the most rigorous curriculum available to you if you want to apply to very competitive colleges, Ivies or otherwise, and that should put you where you need to be coursework-wise.


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