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Supplemental Letters of Reccomendation

In addition to the one counselor and 2 teacher letters of recommendation, I have 3 supplemental letters of rec that I have asked for. Obviously I won't be sending 3 additional letters of rec to every school I'm applying to, but I'm interested to know what letters of rec I should prioritize over the others, and whether certain schools like letters of rec better than others. My additional recommenders are:

-A college professor that I took Statistics with as a dual enrollment student, I got an A in his class and I feel like he really liked me

-A peer recommender because it's recommended for Dartmouth

-An arts recommender from theater (my "spike")

For context, my 2 teacher recommenders are Civics/Econ and English. Should I send as much additional rec letters as I can, or would that be viewed as "extra"? Is there any college besides Dartmouth/Davidson that cares about peer recs?


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