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How accurate is this website with prediction of getting into schools?

I am a rising senior and all he schools I’m applying to are not requiring SAT. Do I need to take it? Should I add it to my application? How do I better my application with so little time?

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Most schools are going test-optional, not test-blind, meaning that submitting an SAT score can only help you. It's just like AP test scores--a good score will help you but a bad score won't hurt you. So, why not? Especially if your SAT score is good, you should definitely submit it.

4 years ago

This is not true. If you have a low SAT score and submit to a test optional school, it can absolutely hurt you. Test optional just means that, if you have a bad score, you can decide to not send your test score. But sending one lower than the ~25th percentile of admitted students will absolutely hurt your chances of admissions. (You are correct about AP scores on the other hand.)

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4 years ago

Have you taken it at all yet, or done any practice or preparation for it? If you haven't, at this point, I'd focus on improving the other parts of your application and taking advantage of the option not to take the SAT. SAT prep takes some time and there's no guarantee the tests later this year won't be affected by the pandemic—and after all that's why many schools are no longer requiring the SAT. Just realize, if you do go that route, then your GPA and schedule rigor (like how many honors or AP classes you've taken) will be more important than they are for the average student, because they're going to fill the void left by the lack of an SAT score.

4 years ago

I agree with the comment before this one, however please keep merit scholarships in mind when deciding whether or not to submit SAT scores! For example, a school I will be applying to requires a 3.7 GPA and a 1450 SAT score for one of their merit scholarships. My GPA is a 3.7, however I don't think my SAT will be a 1450. The school is test optional, so I won't be submitting my scores, and I therefore can earn this scholarship as otherwise I would not have. If most of your schools are public/state schools, you won't really have to worry about this as they don't give out much merit-based aid, but check the merit scholarships for your private schools!

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