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Which is more highly regarded-Telluride Association Summer Seminar (TASS) or Summer Science Program (SSP)?

I wanted to know which of them is more highly regarded and will have major impact in my college application. Please note that TASS this year is not the same as other years because TASP have been cancelled for 2022 and both 11th and 10th graders will now participate in TASS. So will this NEW form of TASS be as highly regarded as TASP?


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a month ago

Hi @miranavi! Based on my research, both TASS and SSP sound like great programs, but they seem to have different focuses. If you are interested in the humanities, TASS seems like a great fit, while if you are interested in the natural sciences, SSP will be a better fit. Both will be exceptional experiences to put on your college app, so it really comes down to what your interests are and what you hope to pursue in college. Hope that helps!


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