2 years ago
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Will these grades be perceived as a major downward trend?

I'm a high school senior, applying as a chem major to T20s.

From 9th-11th grade, I had all As, aside from one B in a dual enrollment math course (Differential Equations)

In my first semester this year, I got a B in a 500-level dual enrollment math class (sort of like a Differential Equations 2), a B in a 300-level dual enrollment chem class (Quantitative Analysis), and I have a B thus far in a yearlong AP English Lit class which will appear on the midyear report.

I have As in my three other classes which are in-progress yearlong courses (AP Compsci A, AP Environmental Sci, AP US GoPo).

I know the midyear report is less than ideal, but will it establish a major downward trend? I get the impression that the Bs in the dual enrollment courses won't be perceived as too much of an issue due to course rigor, but I am still worried.


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2 years ago

Hi @worldwidenoah! Since you've had almost straight A's until now, I think it might be seen as a slight downward trend because you have B's in half of your classes now. However, like you said, these were more difficult classes and it was during the pandemic, which may have made it more difficult to learn. If you are really worried, I would explain these in the Additional Information section on the Common App, but keep in mind that if you mention them, you will be drawing attention to them. If you choose to mention them, talk about why you got lower grades, what obstacles you had, and how you plan on changing that to do better in these sorts of classes next semester.

Hope that helps!

2 years ago

Nah ur good. It's been a tough time for a lot of students due to the pandemic- admissions officers understand that! Worst case, just explain the B's in the additional comments boxes...

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