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itgetsbetter and college apps


i'm apart of the youth voices program for itgetsbetter, a nationwide lgbt organization.

https://itgetsbetter.org/ (our website)

us as an organization strive to uplift and empower lgbt youth, and just this year i've done things like write for blog posts, help plan efforts to further better the organization, and we almost had a 4 day meetup in LA but it got cancelled because of covid. :(

i was wondering how this would effect my applications, and just how much. along with this, i have a 3.8 gpa (not a 4 because of math classes, thanks pre-calculus) as a sophmore, have played viola for 5 years, am taking 2 ap classes and have a large variety of extracurriculars. i have not yet taken the act or sat, and i missed the psat signups this year, but i do plan on taking both next year.

sorry if this was a word vomit, i'm just curious :)

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I think that is a solid EC, from the looks of it seems you are on a great track. I would do my best to continue to what you are doing now. Try volunteering for leadership positions when possible and depending on what type of school is your goal continue into your last two years with higher rigor if possible at your school.

Good job so far!


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