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What courses should I take as a Sophomore in order to get into Ivy League?

Hi, I'm a lost high-schooler in my freshman year with GPA of 4 and currently attend at Algebra I and Biology Regents Courses. At the same time I want to pursue my dreams of attending NYU and become a doctor. I want to start fresh and am willing take a big step during my sophomore year with at least 3 AP classes. What advice do you have as a person who attends an Ivy League college? What are some things that I should note? What should be my main focus for the last three years? Hoping for a reponse soon!


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4 years ago

Hi! Since you're a freshman at the moment, I recommend exploring your different interests until you find your passion and/or what type of doctor you want to become. Try to be as stress-free as possible during this time since you are pretty new to highschool. During your sophomore year, I recommend that you start doing extracurriculars that correlate with your future profession or passion. Do NOT try to do as many clubs as possible-- it will be stressful. If you focus on 2-3 clubs that align with your passion, you will be stress-free and maximize your admission rate at college since you will have a theme or "spike" in your application (something that makes you YOU/unique). For sophomore year make sure to take the PSAT, SAT, and/or ACT. If not, just do this junior year-- make sure to find the test that's best for you! If you have time, you can even volunteer at a local hospital if you want (only if you want!!)! Junior year (or sometimes even earlier), I recommend that you begin to expand on your passion and start something of your own. If you love biology, you can start your own future doctor's club, or tutor biology online/in-person. If you have a fascination with a certain disease, you can start to spread awareness about it or even start your own school fundraiser to raise donations for companies that research cures for the disease. Do anything, and make sure your passion drives you! Besides this, just enjoy your high school years! Start to do more college research during your junior year. You don't want to stress about this so early on-- you need sleep! Make sure to stay safe, happy, and healthy!

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