2 years ago
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Deferral from Boston University ED1

I recently got deferred from BU, my dream school from early decision. It has hit me pretty hard considering it's my dream school. I thought my application was pretty strong , and dont know what to do.

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2 years ago

Remember the majority of ED1 applicants do not get in. Many are flat out rejected. So the fact you have a 2nd chance at a much weaker pool of applicants is promising.

Who knows what the gaps were in your narrative that made the committee vote "defer" instead of "admit". There is no point in 2nd or 3rd guessing that.

I recommend that you immediately start writing your LOCI and explain that BU is your top choice that you will attend if admitted in the next cycle. If you have any new information to report, like an award, a better SAT or ACT test score, a varsity sports championship, etc, then include that in your LOCI as well. Try to get it in before the absolute flood of 70,000 RD applications comes in 1.1.22. There is a good chance someone will read it before they have to swim through a sea of RD applications.

2nd, have a plan B and plan C. Use this time right now to refine and cull your RD college list. Make sure that you have 3 or 4 schools on there that are slightly less competitive than BU with admit rates of greater than 20% to say 30% that if admitted you would be equally thrilled and excited to attend. There are literally hundred of excellent amazing colleges in the US with amazing resources, teachers, campuses, dorms and social life.

I was stuck on MIT as my #1 choice, because I watch a lot of East Campus videos and thought that I'd really like living with a bunch of quirky nerds who were outrageous and eccentric. But that is only looking at MIT through one of many colored lens. It's actually a brutally difficult school where 1/2 the students struggle with the curriculum and have some form of depression because they are no longer the smartest person in the room. It's a rude awakening for most of them when they realize that amongst peers they are "meh", "average", "boring", even "dim". This idea of being knocked off the podium rings true when I talked to people who went to MIT and watched their day in a life videos. MIT to me is no longer a fun house but some sort of mental institution for the gifted. So I'm happy I'm going to Columbia in NYC. I think I'll find more of my people there than at MIT.

So keep your chin up and stay open minded about other colleges. Good luck!

2 years ago

While that must be disheartening it is better than a flat out rejection. People say to think of it like a second chance.

This is what I found on their website "If you are an Early Decision applicant who is not admitted, your application may be deferred for consideration during the regular admissions cycle. In that case, you will be considered for admission only after submitting your mid-year grades."

This means they want more information from you before they make their decision. It depends per school but I think your mid year report should be done by now so hopefully it works in your favor. Aside from that you can continue demonstrating interest by going to their events, and asking them specific questions you may have. I wish you the best of luck.

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