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Would it be worth it to put cub scouting on my college application?


I spent four years doing this activity but this was when I was much younger and took place around five years ago (I'm in the 11th grade now). Would it even be worth putting this on my application?


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Since you did this when you were seemingly in middle school, I recommend that you leave it out of your application! You don't need to fill in all ten slots for the extracurricular section, so don't worry. It's not about the quantity of the activities-- it's about the quality (how much you're involved, dedication, etc). Make sure to emphasize the activities that you have focused your time on in high school. And remember-- colleges are not looking for students who participated in every club on the planet! Good luck throughout your application process, and stay well!

Tip: If your clubs and activities all have similar backgrounds (ex: political/ athletic/ or a certain subject), this will be a bonus for college apps, since this shows that you have an interest in something or a unique passion. To get into harder schools, you can center your application around this passion or interest to really stand out.

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I agree with @Amalia. Unless past cub scouting is now relevant to your main focus in high school, you should leave it out. You should only add it if it led to a passion related to cub scouts/boy scouts.