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How does superscore work?

Hi I'm currently a junior in high school and I took my first standardized test (the ACT) and got a composite score of 30. I understand this is low for most top universities. I was wondering how the superscore process works. For some context I got a 25 on science, 27 on math, 32 on English, and 36 on reading. If I were to do better on my next test, would admissions counselors see these lower sections or would a superscore hide them?

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For the ACT superscore, they take the highest score you have in each category and then average that out to get a composite ACT superscore. If you improved your score in science, math, and english, your composite score would also go up. If you don't improve a score in a section, the admissions will see that. Even if you do send multiple ACT tests, a superscoring university would only consider your top scores in each section regardless of how you did on the sections on a previous test.

You should definitely retake the test if you're aiming for top universities.


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