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I am junior in high school and I feel that I have not really done a lot to find school in my area. I know I want to major in STEM or Physiology. The main problem is that I cant really afford to pay for college. I have a 3.55 gpa and I have worked my butt off to get it. I take all honors and AP classes. What steps should I take in to help me find a good school that will offer me a good scholarship. I am afraid that eventually if I can't find a good school that will offer me a good chancellorship then I am going to have to join the military to pay for my school. I planned an taking the SAT this April but they got cancelled due to the outbreak. I took the ASVAB and got a 75 out of 99. I am also varsity captain of the swim team and I also am a varsity baseball player. I just want to know how do I find these school that will offer a average kid like a decent scholarship because my parents cant afford to co-sign my loans for college.



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Look at your state schools which will give you lower tuition and oftentimes merit scholarships. Since you took the ASVAB, I'm assuming that you're at least somewhat interested in the military. You can apply for an ROTC scholarship which will pay full tuition at most schools and you'll enter as a military officer when you graduate college. Some schools even give a stipend to ROTC students. Since you're already in great shape and academically qualified, ROTC seems like a great option for you. And STEM fields (especially nursing if you're open to that) are in high demand in the military so you'll be extra likely to get a scholarship.

2 years ago

Try looking at questbridge that may be an available option and look at schools that meet full need most of these are elite private schools with sub 20% admit rate.



Also I don't know your stats but you could look to be recruited for Basketball/swim team and try getting a full scholarship Id recommend looking at some division 2 schools that have engineering programs one of my favorite ones is Missouri S&T and there are others

Assuming the gpa you mentioned is unwieghted I think you should be able to get into a lot of these 100% FA met. Trying looking at your state and look to see if there are any div 2 teams in your state and reach out to them either by filling out the athletic recruitment form or talk to your regional admit counselor

Best of Luck!


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