4 years ago
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In my school there are only normal curricular clases, no advance or honor clases, what can I do instead?

I currently live in Chile (South-America) and here we have something called "electives", where we have to chose between very little subjects, not really advance. I've seen that honour classes mean a lot. What can I do? I am 13 and I am in ninth grade


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4 years ago

You should start by taking the electives that are offered at your school that you are interested in. The important thing is to find something you love to do and want to learn more about. Then, I suggest looking for institutions in your community that offer extra classes, such as community colleges, or something similar, as I am not sure what the equivalent is in Chile. You might get college credit, and even if you don't it shows that you are passionate about the subject and that you went the extra mile to learn more.

If there aren't any near you, you could look for online classes. There are plenty of programs that offer online classes or tutoring, as well as high school honors courses. One last option would be to self-study. Even if this might not fulfill an honors class and count in your high school profile, it shows great discipline and motivation. Learning on your own about a subject you are interested in is as valid as taking advanced classes.

Hope this helps!

4 years ago

Kind of what the other person said. Most colleges know that what classes your school offers and will take that into account. Besides, the thing that they are really interested is how much you challenge yourself. To "show" them this I would try to either

- establish a club

- get a leadership role

- get a job so that they can see you can balance interests and academics ( same goes for doing athletics and Fine arts )

- volunteer

These are some ideas of how to do that, but you might be able to find some more that align with your interests.

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