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I’m an international student. I’m planning to transfer from my school but I don’t think that the transcripts will be ava

The processing system is very slow at my university here in Nigeria so what should I do about my transfer applications

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23 days ago

Obviously, try making the process as fast as possible but while you are waiting call the admission offices in the colleges you want to apply to and tell them your situation. They should be flexible and most of them can give you advice or even more time to send them.

22 days ago


I am also an international student, and I have friends who have had the same problem as you. I would recommend you to be constantly contacting your current university, so that you can be a reminder that this is important. That is what a friend did, and it worked for her! I would also contact the schools admissions officers of the schools you are planning to apply, just so that they can tell you what you can do on that particular case. Don’t be afraid of contacting admissions officers, they only want to help :)

Good luck!

24 days ago

Unfortunately, this Q and A forum is for high school students applying to college for the first time. There are no experts on here to my knowledge that handle transfer application inquiries for current college students. I'm sure you have already followed up with your university and asked them what the delay is so besides that advice, I have none to offer you. Maybe you should go in person with a box of treats and talk to some that can give you some answers.

Good luck.


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