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Will my conservative beliefs hurt my chances at "liberal" Ivy Leagues?

I started getting into politics when I was a freshman in high school, but didn't really think about it much till I because a sophomore. In the summer leading up to my junior year, I became the Executive Intern at the Young Republicans office in my city. This position is something that is typically not given to teenagers, but they saw my capabilities and decided to take me. I also contributed to the win of a House Representative who is now in the US House of Representatives.

Will colleges that are typically more liberal/left look down on this sort of activity? I have heard several answers, so I wanted to see what y'all have to say


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In general it would be fair to say that all Ivys lean left. Harvard recently admitted 3 HS grads from Stoneman Douglas HS (Fla.Parkland Shootings) but rescinded a number of admits for racists tweets and/or memes on social media. Earlier this summer Dr.Cornell West left Harvard to pursue other opportunities. But one can easily point out that conservative attorney Alan Dershowitz used the Harvard name to promote his agenda just a much as Dr.West.

I have to call you out on your use of the term "diversity". Diversity is defined as the practice or quality of including or involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds and of different genders, sexual orientations. It's not a term used in conversation when we talk about political differences. Using diversity that loosely can easily backfire on you especially since there is an inverse correlation between diversity and the Republican Party (the lack thereof). So using diversity as an opening to allow you in to the group because you are a Republican is like claiming "White discrimination" which makes no sense. (poster removed sentence misusing the term as a proxy for political diversity)

Ivy league colleges also use diversity in the context of making sure all groups are represented primarily marginalized persons, persons of color, LGBTQIA+ queer folk. No Ivy is claiming diversity because they want to include conservative ideology in their teachings and admissions practices. No Ivys is going to make the marketing statement that Republicans and Communists are equally welcome nor are they going to state that their admissions policy, do not discriminate against political affiliation.

If you do apply as a POC yourself, I would be more concerned about how you are viewed by your BIPOC brothers and sisters on a liberal campus. I think it would be easier for you to assimilate at Top college in the Bible Belt like Tulane, Rice, WashU, Wake Forest, Vanderbilt, Emory, UNC, Duke. No one says "y'all" in the Ivy League by the way. STEM'y East Indian pre-med and CS students are going to love you!

Roll the dice and see what happens is best advice anyone can give you.

23 days ago

Hey! Your political beliefs won't be considered in your application unless you write extensively on them. Political offices, no matter what party, look fantastic. To echo the other person who replied, I have only seen schools rescind admittance to people for racism, harassment, etc.- so as long as you aren't offensive to people in your essays or in real life, you should be just fine. Read them over, consider how they might sound from a more left-leaning perspective, and good luck to you.

24 days ago

I don't think so. In the last few years or even decades, many colleges are very flexible in the applicant's beliefs and it shouldn't be a factor in deciding if to accept you or not.


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