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Do colleges require mid-year report, and is it essential? Can I submit a college application without mid-year report?

I am an international student, a high school senior, from a state board ( a board set up to regulate education in a state ). My next exams are due in Feb; it is a pre-board examination ( exams held before the main standardised exam, also called board examination ) for which the transcripts will be issued. The deadline for the colleges to which I am applying is before mid-Jan. I do have a transcript of a selection exam held recently, however it is not a midterm examination and is tested only to select students for the main ( boards) exam. The grades of my selection examination is horrible; I don't want to consider this exam for my midyear report. I hope the given context helps with the questions asked.

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3 years ago

You are asking a question about ethical choices. In full knowledge that you know you should submit your selection exam grades, you are asking the CollegeVine public community to weigh in on the permissibility of NOT reporting your most current grades, and just abide by future requirements of reporting grades because you think by the time February rolls around, you will have studied and perhaps performed better on the next level of exams even though you struggled through the selection sections of exams.

The straight forward answer is you have 3 choices, and they are:

1. Report your selection exam now and by doing so you are being honest and transparent.

2. Report your selection exam and the pre-board exam results in February, in full knowledge that the college by "flag 🚩 " your file for not following instructions and who knows how sensitive they will be to that. It can go both ways, they may give you a pass but be on the look out for future indiscretions with your application or they might "pass" on your file entirely. Goodbye.

3. Or take your chances, which is something most people would not recommend you doing. If you fail to be completely transparent with your grades and transcripts, even if admitted, your application/and or acceptance can be rescinded later. So it would be highly inappropriate for anyone on CV to be in support of not submitting each and every available grade report and transcript that you have accrued.

We are not here to parent one another but honesty is the best policy.

3 years ago

Hi, I am pretty sure that it depends per college. Most of the more selective colleges require a mid-year report and a final year one as well. My grades have fallen a little this year as well, I think the best way to counteract that would be touching on a reason for that within the supplemental essays (if you are using CommonApp, the COVID question may be a great place to explain why your grades fell if you feel that the pandemic may have impacted your grades). Good luck with your applications :)

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