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Hi. I'm a senior from an international school applying to 10 U.S. colleges in total.

Recently, a reporter came to where I am living in order to film me and my school to broadcast it in my home country, Korea.

Basically, I'm living in Thailand right now, but I go to Saturday Korean School once a week in order to maintain my Korean heritage. At this school, they give us a chance to participate in competitions, such as writing contests, debate competitions, and speech contests. I have participated in all of them, and so far, I have gotten first place for my writing contest this year. This writing contest is called the Overseas Korean Literary Contest (535 overseas Koreans from 54 nations competed against each other), and it's apparently a pretty big deal.

The broadcast station decided to film me in order to show Koreans living in Korea how Overseas Koreans are living abroad. It's an educational film, I guess.

The video was supposed to be broadcasted by late-December, but I haven't heard anything from the station, so I don't think I can use it for my portfolio.

However, my school decided to post me and the reporter together on Facebook and even commented about the Overseas Korean Literary Contest.

Would it be possible to submit a screenshot of this as a portfolio since I don't have the video yet? Also, I do have a raw video (not-edited) of me interviewing the reporter at Korean School. Should I and am I allowed to put that too?

Additionally, if I do get to use this as my portfolio, do I have to include my literary piece too (it's in Korean, so I'm not sure if I'm supposed to translate it as I don't have much time left).

Thank you.


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24 days ago

Hello! This is a great thing to add to your application. Instead of a screenshot, I would recommend adding the Facebook post link to make it look a little more professional. Either way is fine though! I'm not sure about the video. If you wanted to edit it yourself if you knew how to make it shorter, I'd recommend that and then adding that link. Again totally up to you! But I hope this helps :) Best of luck!!

25 days ago

First off, congrats! you sound like such a cool person. I suggest adding the screenshot to your portfolio and if there is any given writing space, you can elaborate. As long as your identity is clear and Colleges can see it from a google search, it should be all good.

Best of luck with college!


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