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Hello. I'm an international student applying to MIT in January. I didn't get much help from my school counselors so I have a few questions to ask.

I have participated in writing and speech contests (not at school) but at a different institution. It was not mandatory, and I mostly did it for fun/challenge. Would this be considered as "scholastic" distinctions? I have more scholastic distinctions than non-scholastic ones, so I want to add some of the scholastic distinctions to non-scholastic distinctions.

Additionally, are participation awards/certificates/completion awards considered distinctions? Also, are scholarships considered distinctions as well?

Last question: I took the HSK level 5 exam (Chinese-proficiency test) this year. I am going to put that below "Summer Activities" because I studied mostly during the summer, and I don't have a lot of summer activities. Anyways, I want to add the HSK 5 award/certificate below "scholastic distinctions." Do you think it is worth it to have HSK added to both "Summer Activities" and "scholastic distinctions"? If it seems too repetitive, would AP Scholars with Distinction be a better replacement than High Honor Roll?

Thank you.


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25 days ago

My counselors also aren't very helpful

1. I think these writing and speech contests could be considered a scholastic distinction, because they are academic. You should definitely include them if you won any of these contests.

2. I don't think participation awards count, but if you get a certificate or award for completing a program, you could maybe include that. Scholarships could count as distinctions, if they are based on academic merit

3. I don't think you should put the HSK 5 certificate in scholastic distinctions. I would put AP scholars over High Honor Roll.

Hope that helps :)


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